Combine Sport and Leisure with an Indonesian Golf Holiday Package

If your idea of a relaxing vacation includes golf, then you can’t go wrong with one of the many golf holiday packages that are available for purchase. With an excellent combination of sport and leisure, you can enjoy your favourite game while experiencing all of the best parts of travel including the food, culture, people, and climate of a unique country.

Indonesia is renowned for its many dream destinations, unique cuisines, and friendly, hospitable locals, and it is home to several impressive golf locations, including Bintan Island and Bali Nusa Dua. If you can appreciate an excellent golf course and love the idea of travelling to a new country, this is the perfect holiday package for you.

Experience a New Place

Indonesia is an exotic and extremely scenic location, and even the golf courses are filled with incredible beauty. Compared to many other destinations, it’s a relatively short trip from Australia, and if you have never been before, you will be able to soak in the new location in between rounds of golf at some of the country’s most impressive courses.

What to Expect

In addition to the gameplay itself, there are plenty of things that you can expect when you book one of the Indonesian golf tours. All of the lodging on-site travel has been arranged, and there will typically be somebody waiting for you upon arrival. After your meet and greet, they will take you to your destination and show you around.

You will typically have private transfers all throughout your stay, which includes rides to and from the golf courses and airports. Sometimes additional travel can be arranged, but when it can’t, there are car hire options available.

For most packages, you will be staying at a resort somewhere near the golf course, and if you are booking your golf holiday through a reputable provider, you can typically expect a high-class location. You will generally be a short distance away from various sites and attractions, and you will have plenty of time to visit these places.

Bring Friends or Family

Most golf holiday packages are designed with multiple people in mind, and the package you choose will specify the number of people. However, if you are coming with more or less than the specified number, you can often make changes to the package to fit the demands of the group. Your holiday package providers are often will to make adjustments to accommodate certain requests, so don’t hesitate to ask about the package you are interested in.

Experience Wildlife and Nature

Some of the most impressive things about Indonesia are the nature and the wildlife, and there will often be plenty of this during your stay. There are opportunities to take nature tours through certain parts of the island, and if you choose the right destination, you can even visit one of the elephant parks or other wildlife destinations. For more information about attractions, you can ask the professionals organising your trip or ask the locals when you arrive at your destination.

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